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About Us

Santa Maria Neon Sign Company, Inc. has built our reputation by providing a high quality service and competitive pricing on all of our projects. We are a full service Santa Maria neon sign company. We have the experience, knowledge, tools and equipment to get the job done right.

We also understand that project success and client satisfaction are the result of the quality of the final product. Our clients can be confident that throughout the entire process, every detail will be overseen by experienced professionals.

The blueprint for the successful execution of your sign project is as important as the blueprint for the project itself. That's why we develop accurate budgets, as well as efficient and cost-saving implementation methods. We stick to our timetables and complete sign projects on schedule. Above all, we never lose sight of the fact the most important part of the you.

Please take a look at our photo gallery or feel free to read some of our customer reviews. We will also be happy to give you a list of references that you may contact.

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